AFTER AWAKENING: A Guide to Further Evolution

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Back Page Blurb:-

Are you searching for a realisation that may have already dawned?

Have you stumbled into a spiritual shift with little or no information?

Is a family member or friend undergoing this radical transformation?

Are you confused about life and looking for answers?

Humanity is taking a shift in Consciousness.

After Awakening is a guide towards exploring a spiritual awakening in this modern world. A practical book for the spiritual dilemma that non dual realisation poses.

Topics covered include;

Essential Awakening, a background and enquiry techniques.
Spiritual Language and Definitions explained.
Understanding Awakening and Spiritual Experiences.
Discussion on Spiritual Teachings and Non duality.
The Mind and how it relates to peace.
Tools for Healing and Transformation.
Relationships, Purpose, Health, Plant Medicine, Political Awakening, and much more.

I wrote this book for You.