The Essential Awakening

What is the Essential Awakening?

Put simply it is when we recognise our essential essence, Consciousness or Awareness, that which transcends our thoughts and mind made identity.

We recognise ‘I am not my thoughts and feelings’ rather ‘I am the timeless ever present reality at the heart of all experience’. Some might say experience itself.

This essential awakening also known as a Spiritual Awakening, is the most fundamental of all realisations that can occur to a human being in this world.

Humanity has evolved to become individually obsessed and possessed by our mind made selves. That is our self created identity, a mental construct.

This mind self is at the root of all suffering and much of the problems that manifest in our world today.

Although spiritual awakening is not a cure all for this, it is certainly the most prominent step in the right direction.

For some such an awakening happened naturally precipitated by an event spiritual or otherwise. Most others come to this realistion through the guidance of a spiritual teacher and through spiritual enquiry.

My attempt at guiding people towards this essential awakening can be found in Part 1 of my book ‘After Awakening’. I will freely share Part 1 below so that you can download the pdf and read through it in your own time.

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