Spiritual Enquiry

In its truest form spiritual enquiry directs our mind back to its essence the ground of being. It is the principal, primary, and most essential enquiry one can conduct.

My attempt at leading people into this realistion can be found here in Part 1 of my book After Awakening.

For those who just wish to jump straight in and contemplate such questions, please take your time and individually ask yourself, and experientially observe the answer.

Mull each question, especially any question that moves you or gives you an internal tingle or inkling. Only one of these questions needs work for Self recognition to dawn;


Am I Conscious?

Am I Aware?

Am I Aware that I am Aware?

Am I Here Now?

Is what I Am always Present?

Is my Awareness of this Moment Continuous?

Is the Past or Future just a Thought, an Image or an Emotion, experienced Now in the present moment?

What is it about me, beyond my name and form, that has continuously remained the same from birth until this moment?

Do I Exist?

What Exists?

Whatever it is I truly Am, Must I be Present Here and Now?

Am I Aware, the Knower of this moment however it appears?

What is this knowing substance of experience made out of?

What is Me and what is My Mind?

Do I know My Mind or does My Mind know Me?

What Am I Exactly?

What is the I that knows my thoughts?

Where do my thoughts appear?

How is thinking known?

Where is my Mind situated?

Am I this Body or more than just this Body?

Am I this Personality or the one that knows this Personality?

Am I my changing emotions or sensations?

Rather than say, ‘I have Consciousness’, is it not truer to say, ‘I Am Consciousness, always present, always aware’?

What Am I in experience now, without looking to the mind or to thought for an answer?

What Am I in experience right now, without vocalising an answer or thinking an answer?

Am I Aware of my Awareness?

Absorb my mind.

I Am Here

I Am Now

I Am

Is there anything about me that is unchanging and constant?

What is thinking my thoughts?

What is a thought?

Where exactly are these thoughts arising?

What is the timeless eternal knowing presence?

When you ask ‘What Am I?’ need you look to your thoughts for an answer or can you simply be the answer?

Am I a memory or the one who knows my memories?

What is primary, my essence or my given birth name?

I am not my thoughts.

I am not my feelings.

Is this material world that I perceive all that there is?

Can I stop thinking?

How long can I stop thinking for?

Am I comfortable being here now with nothing to do?

What is feeling the body sensations?

What is looking through these eyes?

What is beyond my heart, knowing my heart?

If the past is memory, and the future is imagination, what is this present moment I am in now?


These questions can be pondered anytime anywhere.

Keep returning and asking yourself these questions until recognition dawns.

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