Self Realisation

Spiritual Awakening, that moment where one’s attention withdraws from one’s mind self to recognise ones essential essence is also known by some to be called Self Realisation.

The Self here (with capital S) is the essential Self as opposed to ones mind made self (small s).

The term ‘The Self’ stems historically from Advaita and Hinduism. It ultimately points to all things and beyond.

Recognition of ones true essence can create for some a duality of emptiness within and a world without, a subject and separate object.

True Non Duality is the realisation that the subject of experience and the objects in experience are not two but are one and the same.

That is why it is common After Awakening as one examines ones essential Self and how it relates to the world of objects both internally and externally, we may come to the realisation that All is One and One is All. The Self is all.

This for me is true Self Realisation and is a natural consequence of exploring reality after essential awakening.

Whether one sees Essential Awakening to the Self as Self Realisation or the recognition that the Self is and includes all things is Self Realisation is rather a moot and unimportant point.

What is important is that one spends time directly examining ones experience after awakening. How the sensations of the body feel and the perceptions of sights and sounds. Through that exploration the manifestation of the world may evolve in ones understanding.

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