Update on After Awakening the Book

The Book After Awakening was first conceived early 2015 when I was exploring Non duality for the first time. I was finding a lot of contradictions amongst teachers and teachings and my mind was undergoing a lot of changes.

The first draft begun in 2018 and I added part 1 on Essential Awakening in the summer of 2019. The book proceeded in fits and spurts until I finally finished the first draft in December 2020.

I was all up for getting it published then but decided to show it to my wife first who offered to edit it with me and so begun a long period where the book mostly gathered dust until we could both find the time to sit down and slowly proceed to edit it together a page at a time. Around January 2022 I begun to add a few more chapters and carried out some final edits in the autumn. I then passed the manuscript to my wife to edit alone.

I am pleased to report the book is almost complete. I have made some final corrections and am waiting to receive the verdict on those. Once the manuscript is ready I will employ a professional copy editor to go through the grammer and punctuation before preparing the book for publication.

Perhaps it will be ready before mid summer 2023 and if not then definitely this autumn!

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