Political Awakening – The Book – Available Now

I’m excited to announce that my 2nd book has now been published;

Political Awakening: Transcending the Left-Right Paradigm

Those that have read After Awakening will remember a short chapter towards the end of the book where I discuss Political Awakening. Principally the idea that Spiritual Awakening and Political Awakening are two completely different topics. One Awakening does not necessarily lead to the other and vice versa, (although often it can).

For those whom have already awoken to the fact that propaganda narratives dominate our world, and for those whom are new to this topic, this book is for you.

Regardless of your level of interest in Politics, Policy, Media, and the Future of Humanity, we are all touched by decisions of the Power Elite, the Corporations and our Political Institutions in this increasingly interconnected world.

I wrote this book in a clear and concise way as many political books of this nature can get bogged down in academic jargon and long winded persuasion based narrative. Instead I focus on the salient issues and topics and offer the reader questions for self reflection and contemplation.

My hope is that this short sweet book is enjoyed and shared by all those that you love, so please grab a copy and pass it on to anyone you feel may appreciate it’s messages.

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