Recommendations from After Awakening

After Awakening Literature:-

Finders – Dr Jeffrey Martin. He has interviewed a cross-section of spiritual teachers and practitioners and the results are explained and analysed in this book. A short but insightful book about the locations in consciousness as experienced after awakening. Helpful for those who have recognised Essential Awakening.

Easy Grace and Beyond the Place of Laughter and Tears – David Spero. David is one of the clearest teachers on the topic of spiritual enlightenment. See also:
Highly Recommended Audios: David Spero from

Kundalini Tantra and Lovebliss – Jan Esmann. Explanations on Kundalini awakening. Transcriptions of ancient texts and meditation techniques.

Daring to Burn – James (Jim) Eaton. Poetic well-written observations on life after awakening.

The Mind Illuminated – Culadasa (John Yates PhD). It maps, explains and guides you through the ten stages of meditation along with scientific explanations of how the mind works in relation to awareness, attention and intention along with many other gems. Practical steps to aid the unification of the mind.

Effortless Deep Meditation – Joanie Higgs. Short effective Mantra Meditation.

Embracing Your Inner Critic – Hal and Sidra Stone. A good overview of the Voice Dialogue methodology and background. Focuses on the Inner Critic and Inner Judge, parts of our mind-made self. See also their book ‘Embracing Our Selves’.

No More Mr Nice Guy – Robert Glover. Focuses on ‘The Pleaser’ part of our mind-made self. Discusses the negative aspects of trying to ‘rescue’ people. Offers helpful relationship advice.

The Big Leap – Gay Hendriks. An analysis of the Upper Limit Problem; How our past conditioning has programmed us to sabotage our lives.

The War on Art and Turning Pro – Steven Pressfield. Inspiring call to focus on one’s passion and divine work. To overcome Resistance, distractions, addiction and excuses.

True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make – Tim Kelley. Excellent book for gaining insight into one’s soul self and purpose. Also beneficial instruction for obtaining a trusted source such as higher self or soul guidance.

The Great Work of Your Life – Stephen Cope. Inspiring and interesting book with great stories and quotes.

Making love: Sexual Love the Divine Way – Barry Long. A background and guide to conscious love-making.

Conscious Loving: the Journey to Co-Commitment – Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks. Insightful advice for conscious relationship.

Getting the Love you Want – Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt. Information and exercises to help create happier love partnerships.

The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases: How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness – Jacques Martel. Brilliant.

The Medical Medium – Anthony William. Healing mystery illness and illness that modern medicine cannot, by using natural foods and lifestyle habits.

The Essential Psychedelic Guide – D.M. Turner (

Awakening-Based Books:-

Transparency of Mind – Rupert Spira. An intellectual and poetic analysis of reality. Guides the reader into a deeper understanding of their fundamental essence.

The Power of Now and Oneness with All Life – Eckhart Tolle. Popular and famous book to inspire Essential Awakening.

The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer. Another engaging and well-rounded introduction to awakening with hands on directives.

Three Classics from the Indian masters of Self-Inquiry:

The Truth Is – W H Poonja (Papaji).

I Am That – Nisagadatta Maharaj.

Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi – Ramana Maharshi.

Useful Websites and Links:-

Buddha at the Gas Pump – Rick Archer. Spiritual conversations on awakening.

Recommended Online Livestream Meditations:

David Spero –

Mother Meera –

Headless Way –

Open Circle Center –

Byron Katie The Work –

Voice Dialogue –

Wu Wei Wisdom –

Psych-K –

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