I have just launched the book with a public post on Facebook and a Group Email to my nearest and dearest. Finally the Book is ready to sprout wings out in the world.

(I had originally published in on July 23rd 2023. However when the proof copy arrived a few days later my wife and I noticed a bunch of things in the design that we wanted to change. We then went away for August so it got delayed further until today.)

Here is a paste of my FaceBook Post;

Hello Dear Friends, Romans, and Countrymen. A quick yet important announcement;

I’ve finally published (on Amazon) my ‘Spiritual’ book on Consciousness / The Mind / Peace, titled;

After Awakening: A Guide to Further Evolution

by Oliver Wasser.

Paste that into your Amazon web address wherever you are in the world and you should be able to get a copy printed and sent out to you immediately.

– I’ve slashed the price to close to cost, for the next 2 weeks so you can pick up a copy on the cheap.

– For some people at the right time in their life, this book could be one of the most important reads. – That person may be you – And if not, please pass the book on to another friend.

– I’d also greatly appreciate a kind comment (and preferably high rating) on the book’s Amazon page if you do buy a copy.

– If you’re not sure if this book is for you or if you’ll be wasting a few bucks, plus your time even reading this post, check out the sample on Amazon and read the book blurb there too.

– Don’t delay – the time is Now.

Peace and Love to you and to your friends and family,

Olly Wass / Oliver Wasser

UK Amazon Link;

USA Amazon Link;

Canada Amazon Link;

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