I’m not a Teacher

Although I like to share my thoughts on non duality spiritual teachings, and although I also like to share my advice on what’s worked well for me, I don’t consider myself a spiritual teacher.

A spiritual teacher is someone with an actual teaching who helps people full time, or possibly part time.

My effort ‘After Awakening’ was created to help those on the path, who want some clarity about awakening and non duality.

I’m best at absorbing lots of other peoples teachings and then explaining that to others in a simplified way. I also respect wherever I come across work, books, teachers that helped me understand myself and the world and I’m happy to share that with others.

If I was to give myself a title in regards to this subject I’d be happy being called a ‘spiritual friend’ or a ‘spiritual consultant’ or perhaps a ‘nonduality adviser’ or ‘spiritual adventurer’, or simply explorer.

My other interest is in political awakening and that is very much of the world focused. I guess a part of me doesn’t want to be pigeon holled into any one camp.

Having a title is something that the ego mind would love to cling onto and use to inflate itself or deflate itself. Yet for communication purposes it’s sometimes useful.

Perhaps for marketing purposes I’ll settle on calling myself a “NonDuality Spiritual Consultant and Explorer”… simple enough..

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