The Two Hemispheres of the Brain

Dr Iain McGilchrist explains some of the differences between the two hemispheres of the brain.

To Quote wikipedia; “In “The Divided Brain”, McGilchrist digests study after study, replacing the popular and superficial notion of the hemispheres as respectively logical and creative in nature with the idea that they pay attention in fundamentally different ways, the left being detail-oriented, the right being whole-oriented.”

“These two modes of perception cascade into wildly different hemispheric personalities, and in fact reflect yet a further asymmetry in their status, that of the right’s more immediate relationship with physical bodies (our own as well as others) and external reality as represented by the senses, a relationship that makes it the mediator, the first and last stop, of all experience.”

For a good synopsis of his theories and how they relate to human history, listen to the first 15 minutes of this talk;

For me this has relevence for spiritual awakening. Perhaps in the ‘moment of awakening’ there is indeed a change or rebalance in our brains.

I believe I was more of a left brain person before awakening and I struggled to connect to nature and the presence of things. After awakening that changed. No doubt something in my right brain became activated.

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