The Impact of Spiritual Awakening varies

I wrote about the essential awakening here. One of the things that has fascinated me is how different people get impacted by spiritual awakening.

For some there is such shock and confusion as a large chunk of their mind self gets blown away by the recognition of their essential essence that it takes years to integrate. The impact may also have great ramifications on their family and friends, they might change jobs, homes, interests, everything is open to change.

For others there is a non perceptible shift that occurs and they don’t even realise the awakening has happened. They may deny that it has or hold an expectation for a future spiritual experience that may never occur.

Another category is that some are born awake or came to awakening early in life which meant that their egoic mind self never became as much of a problem as other peoples have. This may mean they know little about non duality or advaita teachings yet they live with a large amount of peace in their minds, absent of unwanted thinking.

So everyone can be approached differently depending where they are at in the process. For those like I was, deeply entrenched in their mind made self there is a large awakening around the corner and I encourage everyone to seek that and contemplate the spiritual enquiry questions.

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