The Politically Awake Frame Vs the Frame of the Legacy Media

In my book Political Awakening, I lay out particularly in Part 1 of the book, what could be described as ‘The Political Awakening Frame’.

It is what I regard, a more accurate frame for interpreting the world, and the media and political messaging that we receive.

For those like myself whom have lived for many years with this deep understanding I want to reflect upon what the ‘traditional’ Cultural Legacy Media frame is typically about.

The Traditional frame, one I was raised with by my parents, by my school, by the bbc, and in my culture. Is to believe that in general, yes mistakes are occasionally made, yes there is a lot of incompetence, occasional corruption, but We (the British government and western corporate elites) are the ‘good’ guys. That ‘we’, speak the truth and share the accurate facts, and have your interests at heart. That our interpretation of the world is a fair assessment of it.

The ‘bad’ guys and the enemy of our group and our way life, are those whom we say are the bad guys. Believe us and go along with our representation of the world and all will be well. It’s Orwellian obviously.

In this traditional frame, conspiracy and collusion rarely if ever take place. And if it does it was for a higher purpose ‘that we the people may never understand and shouldn’t bother to contemplate’. Don’t ask difficult questions its too complicated for you to understand, leave the governing to your betters.

For the believers of the traditional frame, if a strange series of events occurs it is due to Coincidence or to Incompetence. They are Coincidence and Incompetence theorists.

It’s as if all the bad policy and ill effects in our society that result are because of one stupid decision made after another by highly intelligent yet incompentent people.

By contrast the politically awake frame recognises that Collusion and Design are the order of the day for those in power. Nefarious Power Elites collude and have designed our society and system to be as it is today. With all the good and bad that we see.

There are of course many stupid decisions but these are often brought about by people living their life believing the lies and propaganda of Mainstream media. Delusional people will mostly create damaging policy.

The Legacy Media can also often paint humanity as a type of virus. They highlight the most violent and damaged among us, promoting the idea society is broken and people are to be feared. But don’t worry the state shall protect you, particularly if you give us more taxes.

A more accurate frame, the Politically Awake frame, is to know that Humanity are mostly good, yet there are those among us, who are sociopathic, psychopathic, they lack connection and conscience.

A digression – Dr Ian McGilchrist has examined the difference between the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the brain. Those that are Left brain dominated see the world as inanimate and mechanistic. He postulates that the Left brain dominant are destroying our society and world. From this perspective it is a biological problem that we face.

Importantly such individuals generally have a lust and love for Power and Control over others. And as such most often find themselves pursuing and obtaining positions of power over their organisations, governments, nations or empires. The problem therefore is the Power elite, not just abroad but also at home.

I could go on, but perhaps it’s best just to read the book.

Traditional Media Frame VS

The Bad Guys are over there.

Humans are generally Bad
like a virus.

Incompetence and Coincidence
explain most bad outcomes.

Our Elected Governments are
in charge and responsible.

Criminal behaviour amongst the
governing class is mostly
prevented or punished.

We are honest and present to you
unbiased facts.

This is important! This is the
most important thing in
the world right now!

This is how to Think, Feel
and what to Believe
about this event.

We’re the Good Guys Trust us,
do as we say,
and we’ll keep you safe.

Politically Awake Frame

The Bad Guys are over here, and
sometimes also over there.

Humans are generally Good, some are
sociopathically destructive.

Collusion and Design
explain most bad outcomes.

The Power Elite and their agents and operatives are in charge and responsible.

Criminal behaviour amongst the governing class is mostly encouraged and applauded so long as it serves the Power Elite. If it doesn’t serve, then it is prevented or punished.

They are dishonest and biased. They mix fact with fiction. It’s propaganda designed for Power and Control.

No. That’s not important.

I have my own thoughts and feelings
about this event.

They are the Bad Guys, don’t trust them,
they foment fear.

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