Recommendations from Essential Awakening

As discussed in previous chapters, I have suggested that the world is not the world we think it is; that our mind in it’s attempt to create meaning, establishes an imagined sense of self. The key to life and true wisdom is to awaken out of our mind-made self and realise our true essence.

Continue to contemplate the questions in this short book for some time and experiment with the exercises in part III. 

I recommend meditation. For those without a meditation practice a comprehensive starting place would be to read and practice Culadasa’s book ‘The Mind Illuminated; the ten stages of meditation’. For an alternative and short guide to learning a mantra meditation see ‘Effortless Deep Meditation’ by Joanie Higgs. For the brave, I recommend a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat ( 

There are various non duality spiritual teachers that specialise in Essential Awakening. I can recommend the work of Rupert Spira, Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, if you have that particular goal. There are also many other awakening teachers on YouTube. A great resource is Rick Archer’s interviews at A further option is ‘The Finders Course’ by Jeffrey Martin or his ‘’ course. Another exercise which purports good results is Douglas Harding’s ‘The Headless Way’. Finally there are spiritual masters such as David Spero, Jan Esmann, Tim Freke, Mother Meera, Amma, whose spiritual transmission is so profound that the Essential Awakening shift can occur in their presence. 

Further Reading for Essential Awakening:

The Power of Now and Oneness with all Life – Eckhart Tolle. Popular and famous books to inspire essential awakening.

Transparency of Mind – Rupert Spira. An intellectual and poetic analysis of awareness. Guides the reader into a deeper understanding of their true essence.

The Untethered Soul – Michael Singer. Another engaging and well-rounded introduction to awakening.

The Mind Illuminated – Culadasa (John Yates phd). It maps, explains and guides you through the ten stages of meditation along with scientific explanations of how the mind works in relation to awareness, attention and intention along with many other gems. (Be warned, it’s a huge tome of a book).

Effortless Deep Meditation – Joanie Higgs. Short effective Mantra Meditation.

Finders – Dr Jeffrey Martin. He has interviewed a large cross section of spiritual teachers and practitioners and the results are explained and analysed in this book. A short but insightful book about the locations in consciousness as experienced after awakening. Helpful for those who have recognised essential awakening.

Three Classics from the Eastern masters of Self-Inquiry:

The Truth Is – W H Poonja (Papaji).

I Am That – Nisagadatta Maharaj.

Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi – Ramana Maharshi.

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