Awakening Exercise 3 ‘I Am Everything’

Take 10 minutes or more out of your schedule to explore this exercise:

The formless unchanging essence that we are manifests itself as all that is. So this world, our perceptions and all our mind content and feelings are ultimately also made up of this same one essence.

Awareness is ultimately the subject and the object of experience.

One can equally and sometimes more easily approach awareness from this more embracing angle; ‘I am everything’.

Sit quietly, eyes open and begin to say, ‘I am everything’. Pause and explore the moment. Whatever your attention settles on, recognise that this is also a part of you. ‘I am this also’, ‘I am this too’, ‘I am everything’, ‘I am all things’.

Allow the mind to settle into this reality and perhaps become absorbed in this moment, calmly, quietly.

Continue to observe and when necessary repeat the statements; ‘I am everything’, ‘All is me’, ‘I am this moment and all it contains’, ‘There is nothing that I am not’.

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