Awakening Exercise 4 ‘I Am Aware’

Throughout our day, whenever we remember it, we can stop and reflect upon being ‘Aware’.

When you wake up in the morning. When you get out of bed. When you go to the bathroom. Whilst you get something to eat. During your meal time. Before travelling. When you arrive somewhere. Before, during and after exercise. During meditation or prayer. Before going to sleep.

Stop, reflect and say;

‘I Am Aware’, or ‘I Am Awareness’, ‘I Am Consciousness itself’, ‘I am this moment’.

Alternatively you may prefer to pose a question such as;

‘What is Aware?’ or ‘Am I Aware of Awareness?’, ‘Am I conscious of my Consciousness?’

The more we can break up our day with this contemplation the better. Find the phrase or question that works effectively for you.

Observe your mind and your perceptions of the world as you state these words. Savour the pause and silence that may arise as the moment enlivens.

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