Affirmations and Prayers

I am Aware.

I am Consciousness.

I am Everything.

I am Nothing.

Universe, Guide this form.

Thy will, not mine, be done.

Whatever’s best for the One.

Whatever’s best for the Universe.

Use this form as you wish.

It has to be this way.

I Surrender to Silence.

The All is One and the One is All.

May Love and Light fill this form.

Help me merge with this moment.

Everything is Love.

Everything is Consciousness.

All is God.

This Is It.


Anything is possible.

Absorb my mind.

Drown me in divine silence.

Take this body, take this felt experience and transform it in the fires of love and bliss.

Release these felt contractions.

Unfold these sensations into the loving space that you are.

Do with me as you will.

Thank you for this moment.

Oneness is reality.

It is all you Lord.

Disappear me into all that is.

All Experience happens within what I am.

There is only God.

I am the Universe and everything within it.

May peace of mind be known in all human beings.

All is well.

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