Awakening Exercise 2 ‘Neti Neti’; Not This, Not That

Take 10 minutes or more out of your schedule to explore this exercise:

I invite you to sit comfortably, keep your eyes open and notice what appears to your attention. Whatever you notice say out loud or silently, ‘I am not this’.

If, for instance, an object appears in your vision, say, ‘I am not this’. If a sound appears, ‘I am not that’. An image appears, ‘I am not that’. A thought appears in your attention, ‘I am not this’. If attention gets pulled into an energy or feeling, ‘I am not this’.

Keep noticing you are not what appears to your attention. Rather you are the eternal subject of experience.

One may find that ones mind becomes calm.

Allow the experience to unfold and sink into it. Contemplate being the knower of your experience.

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