Awakening Exercise 1 Examining Awareness

Take 10 minutes or more out of your schedule to explore this exercise:

Sit comfortably, keep your eyes open and be with your perceptions.

Awareness is one name I use to describe our knowing essence. The objective is to describe the features of Awareness. Begin by saying out loud, “Awareness Is…” and then speak a word that best describes what it is.

You can repeat the same words over and over if you wish. Try to space out the gaps between what you say so that you can contemplate the experience. Put your mind on holiday and observe the moment, try to sink in deeply. Give this exploration some time – preferably half an hour or more. If you find your mind quietens and you feel a growing sense of peace in the moment, sit with that and enjoy the experience.

Here are some examples to start:

Awareness Is… Present

Awareness Is… Here and Now

Awareness Is… Aware

Awareness Is… Open and Vast

Awareness Is… This Moment

Awareness Is… Here and Now (Its ok to repeat previous expressions)

Awareness Contains Everything and Is Everything

Awareness Is… Love

Awareness Is… Open and Aware

Awareness Is… Silent

Awareness Is… Unlimited and Timeless

Awareness Is… This

Awareness Is… Everywhere

Awareness Is… Clarity

Awareness Is… Unfathomable

Awareness Is… Beautiful

Awareness Is… Blissful

Awareness Is…


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